e-Xplore Words

Job Applications, CVs, Covering Letters & Interviews

5. Review

In this short guide, you have learnt

  • how to prepare effective applications, i.e.
- to collect all possible information about the employer and the job you want to apply for
- to compile a list of what you think the employer is looking for
- to make sure that your skills and qualities match the employer's requirements
- to support your statements about your skills and experience with evidence
  • how to design an effective CV, or résumé, i.e.
- to include and properly order the standard information required
- to customise your CV to the previously identified special requirements of the job and the employer
  • what details effective covering letters should include
  • to observe the special aspects of on-line applications
  • how to prepare for assessment centres, against what criteria you are assessed, and how you can beat these criteria
  • what questions you might be faced with in job interviews and how to overcome the problems involved