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Job Applications, CVs, Covering Letters & Interviews

4. More Detailed Information - All for Free!

1. On the Web

Simulate Online Applications
  • about online application systems
  • why employers use them, and
  • how to prepare to use these systems.
Then try the select simulator, just register, fill in your own online application form, and save it for future use.

Complete a few interactive seminars that will help you to
  • assess your personal skills and experience
  • learn how to build a CV, and
  • prepare for job interviews
Follow the Scottish Online Route to Employability and Career Development (SORTED!).

More Tips on Applications and Interviews
Get complete support on topics like
  • what employers look for
  • compiling a CV
  • completing the application form and the covering letter
  • how to prepare for a job interview
  • the job interview itself and interview problems
  • assessment centres and their tricky exercises etc.
Furthermore, study examples of real CVs and application letters, and the Power Word List for effective applications at Graduate Prospects Ltd.

The Most Comprehensive Online Careers Advice
On topics like
  • applications (including CV templates and sample covering letters)
  • interviews (including an interactive virtual interview)
  • assessment centres (including a diary of an assessment centre)
Visit TARGETjobs.

2. Videos on DVD in the Self-Access Centre for Language Learning in Room G 431 at HTWK Leipzig

Title: Selection Success in one
Code: SZ 1198.DVD
Please note, this service is exclusively offered to registered students of Leipzig University of Applied Sciences.
  • Your job's on-line (25 mins) shows two major employers selecting graduates using only their electronic applications. Because on-line application forms have tick-boxes, it can be tempting to treat them like any other on-line transaction. This is a mistake. A real human being will read your application form, and will expect to see as much evidence of your skills and commitment as with a paper-based application. Learn how to maximise your chances of success: answer the question, offer evidence, market yourself, and avoid common mistakes. (Download the revison notes - Word format)
  • The Assessment Centre (27 mins) shows what happens at an assessment centre when a major employer selects graduates with degrees 'in any discipline'. Watch actual candidates taking part in a genuine selection day: group discussion, presentation, lunch with the selectors, in-depth interview. Hear how the selectors assess the candidates' performance. The on-screen learning points reinforce the message of how to maximise your chances of success.(Download the revison notes - Word format)
  • Why ask me that? (22 mins) shows a typical selection interview. Watch two selectors comment on the performance of a candidate in an entertaining and surreal drama. Learn about: first impressions, selection criteria, problem solving and body language, personal impact and teamwork.(Download the revision notes - Word format)

3. Personal Expert Advice
To top it all off, get personal help from a real (non-virtual!) native expert at HTWK Leipzig, cf. Bewerbungsunterlagencheck Englisch.
Please note, the Language Centre offers this service to registered students of Leipzig University of Applied Sciences only.