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Word Description

wage  n

the money, or earnings, for which people work; often also used in the plural (wages)

wares  n

products, goods, merchandise

warranty  n

an engagement as to the qualities or title of a thing at the time of the engagement (cf guarantee, which is an engagement that a certain act will be done or not done in future)

to wear off  v

to lose effect; to deteriorate through use or stress

wheat  n

one of the earliest cultivated grains which provides a white flour for bread

wickedly  adv

in an evil manner; not well

widget  n

a hypothetical manufactured object, considered to represent the typical product of a manufacturer

width  n

the extent of something from side to side

wire frame  n

a method of creating three-dimensional animations by drawing a series of frames showing the moving image in outline, like a moving skeleton

to withdraw  v

to take back (a promise, a statement, an offer, etc.)

workbench  n

1. desktop environment for running CAD applications; a document-specific set of tools for completing specific tasks
2. desktop, i.e. the visual work area that fills the display and offers specific tools to users of a software application for completing specific tasks; original meaning: a strong worktable for a carpenter or mechanic

workspace  n

a window or task management technique that consists of a container holding a set of objects, where the windows of the contained objects are constrained to a parent window

to wrap things up  v

to finish, to conclude