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Word Description

V  n

1. version, ie a checkpoint at which a particular thing or idea varies from its previous state or condition
2. volt(s), a unit of measurement of force, or pressure, in an electrical circuit; common voltages within a computer are from 3 to 12 volts of direct current

valid  adj

legally or officially acceptable, logical or true, or accepted by the computer system

to validate  v

to verify, to confirm

value  n

a numerical quantity measured or assigned or computed

value-added services  n

all services offered in addition to core services in order to promote the primary business

variable  n

a quantity that can assume any of a set of values

vastly  adv


vault  n

safe, security container, strong room

vendor  n

1. seller, salesperson
2. provider, supplier, seller, producer
3. provider

to verify  v

to confirm

view box  n

display panel

to violate  v

1. to injure, to damage
2. to fail to agree with accepted rules or laws

virtually  adv

almost, nearly

visual cues  n

gestures, motions, signals

void  adj

1. empty space, vacuum
2. empty, null

VPM  n

virtual product management

VPN  n

virtual private network; a private data network that makes use of the public telecommunication infrastructure, maintaining privacy through the use of a tunnelling protocol and security procedures

vulnerable  adj

unprotected, liable to infringement or attack