e-Xplore Words
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Word Description

unenforceable (law)  adj

not capable of being brought about by compulsion

to be unhampered by sth  v

to be free of sth; to be unhindered

unique  adj

separate, self-contained, singular

unprecedented  adj

having no previous example

unpublished-rights (law)  n

the right(s) over works that have not been published yet

to be (or: have sb) up in arms  v

to outrage (so), to revolt against sb/sth, to anger

to be up on sth  v

to be well informed about sth

uppercase letter  n

capital letter

URL  n

uniform/universal resource locator; the address of a web page on the WWW

to utilise (BE) / to utilize (AE)  v

to employ, to use, to apply