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Word Description

S/W  n


SaaS  n


sadly  adv


sales reps  n

sales representatives


SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security Institute, it claims to be the most trusted and largest source for information security training and certification in the world

savvy  adj

having practical knowledge or understanding of sth, having common sense

scalability  n

the quality of being able to be expanded or reduced to meet varying levels of demand

scaleable (BE) / scalable (AE)  adj

related to network resources or services that can be expanded or cut on demand

to scale up and down  v

to increase and decrease

scarce  adj

rare, deficient, not enough, hard to find

scary  adj

causing fright, chills and shudders

scheme  n

plan or system for doing or organizing sth, especially one that involves deceiving other people

score  n


section  n

cut; representation of a solid object as it would appear if cut by an intersecting plane, so that the internal structure is displayed

to seek  v

to look for, to try to find

to segment  v

to split in parts

to select  v

to pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives

sequel  n

1. sth that follows sth else
2. continuation; a part added to a book, play, or game that just continues and extends it

sequencing  n

putting sth in the correct order; controlling a succession

server  n

a computer that a server program runs in

to set  v

to apply or start

to set forth (law)  v

to state, to express, to describe

to set off  v

to set in motion or cause to begin

to set sth  v

to fix or arrange sth, to decide on sth

to set up  v

1. to install, to prepare
2. to alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard

severability (law)  n

separability; a statement about the effectiveness of an agreement as a whole if certain parts of it should not apply

severe  adj

extreme, violent, serious

to share  v

to use jointly or in common

shelf  n

place to put things on (in a shop)

to shell  v

to empty a part; to remove the inside from a body

shell  n

a hollowed out feature

to show off  v

to display proudly

to shrink (away)  v

to become smaller; to decrease in size, extent, or range

sideways  adv

from the side

signature  n


silver bullet  n

a magic solution to all problems

simplistic  adj

unrealistically simple, oversimplified

sims  n


sinew  n

cord or band that connects muscles with bones in living bodies

sketch  n

a set of geometric elements created in the Sketcher workbench, which may include a profile, construction lines and points

to sketch  v

1. to (draw an) outline
2. to make a sketch or drawing of sth

sketcher  n

a pen-like tool or implement to draw sketches


a product data management (PDM) software used in product lifecycle management (PLM) industry solutions


a PLM application for Web-based product data management (PDM)

smooth  adj

lacking obstructions, difficulties or serious problems

soaring  adj

characterised by a rapid or unusually high rise


small office/home office

sole  adj

exclusive; not divided or shared with others

solution  n

1. answer, key
2. answer to a problem

sophisticated  adj

1. advanced, complex
2. experienced, having a good understanding of the way people behave and/or a good knowledge of culture and fashion
3. complex or intricate; ahead in development; technologically advanced

sophomoric  adj

pretentious; inflated in style or manner

source  n

in reference to software, `source' is invariably shorthand for 'source code'

source code  n

the preferred human-readable and human-modifiable form of a program (as opposed to 'object code', the derived binary executable form of a program)

spark  n

electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field

spatially  adv

with regard to space

to spawn  v

to bring forth; to generate

specification tree  n

area of the document window reserved for viewing the design specifications of a part, presented in the form of a tree structure

spectre (BE) /specter (AE)  n

ghost, phantom, spook

speed button  n

a clickable icon to accelerate access to an application

to spellbind  v

to attract strongly, as if with a magnet; to put into a trance

to sprout  v

to grow, to increase, to mushroom

spyware  n

any software that employs a user's Internet connection in the background (the so-called 'backchannel') without their knowledge or explicit permission. Silent background use of an Internet 'backchannel' connection must be preceded by a complete and truthful disclosure of proposed backchannel usage, followed by the receipt of explicit, informed consent for such use. Any software communicating across the Internet absent of these elements is guilty of information theft and is properly and rightfully termed spyware.

SQL  n

Structured Query Language (database query language)

square  n

a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles

SSI  n

Software Solutions Integrated Ltd.

stage  n

a specific identifiable position or phase in a process

to stake out territory   

to gain market share

to stamp  v

to form, cut out or indent metal or other materials into various forms, by a blow or suddenly applied pressure with a stamp or die; to mint; to coin

stamping die  n

a tool to form, cut or indent metal or other materials into various forms

stateful inspection  n

a firewall architecture that works at the network layer and rejects every request that does not match the regular state; opposite: stateless

statement  n

a line of code written as part of a computer program, which defines an operation, a condition or a relation

statutory  adj

according to statutes, rules or laws

string  n

a sequence of data values, usually bytes, which usually stand for (alphabetic) characters, not numbers

to strive  v

to endeavour; to attempt by employing effort

subcontractor  n


to subscribe to  v

to sign up for sth

subsidiary  n

a company that is completely controlled by another company

to suggest  v

to advise, to propose

to suit  v

to accommodate or fit sth; to be suitable for sth

to summon  v

to ask to come (for help)

superior  adj

better, higher as compared to sth else

to supersede  v

to replace

to supplement  v

1. to complement, to add
2. to add in order to make up for a deficiency or to improve

supply chain  n

a business process that links suppliers, manufacturers, warehousing, logistics, retailers and end-customers

supreme  adj

highest or most important


not resistant, interference-prone

sustained  adj

determined, continuing for a long time

to swap  v

to exchange

switch  n

control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit

syslog  n

system log, a transport mechanism for sending event messages across an IP network, usually sent at the start or end of a process or to transmit the current status of some condition or process in the OS or application