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Word Description

PaaS  n


pace  n


packaging  n


packet  n

the unit of data that is routed between an origin and a destination on the Internet

packet filtering  n

a software routine that analyzes incoming data packets and either forwards or discards them based on one or more criteria such as address etc.

packet level  n

the lower end of firewall systems

pad  n

a block created by extruding a profile or a surface in one or two directions

pale  adj

very light coloured

parentheses (pl)  n

two punctuation marks, usually curved lines (), which enclose some information to separate it from its context; sg: parenthesis

to parse  v

to divide sth into parts and elicit information from each part

part  n

a 3D entity obtained by combining different features

partial  adj

partly, in parts; incompletely

particularly  adv


to patch  v

to mend an error or flaw

pattern  n

a model of a form, shape, or design

PDM  n

product data management

peer  n

a person who is of equal standing with another in a group

peer review  n

process and result of professionally evaluating the work of a colleague or a group of colleagues

penetration  n


perimeter  n


peripheral  n

any hardware device connected to a computer

to permit  v

to allow

persistent  adj


to pertain  v

to have reference to, to concern

phenomenon  n

any state or process known through the senses rather than by intuition or reasoning

to pick up  v

to gain, to collect

pivotal  adj

highly important

plane  n

a flat surface defined by the coordinate axes xy, yz, or zx

plant  n


platform  n

the type of computer system or software that is used

PLM  n

product lifecycle management

plus sign '+'  n

the mathematical symbol used to indicate addition; read: 'plus'

pocket  n

a feature corresponding to an opening through a feature, which results from extruding a profile or surface and removing the material

portability  n

a software feature indicating whether a program can run on two or more kinds of computers or with two or more kinds of operating systems

portfolio  n

1. a list of assets (anything of material value or usefulness) held by a person or a legal body
2. a list of assets or a collection of products (here: brand products of a company) held by a person or a legal body

posture  n

position of the body and its limbs


Plain Ordinary Telephone Service or Plain Old Telephone System (telecommunication slang for Post Office Telephone Service)

to prejoin  v

to join in advance

preliminary  adj

preparatory, introductory, first

to preload  v

to load in advance

to presage  v

to predict, to foreshow, to foretell

to preserve  v

to continue, to maintain

prevention  n

safeguard, the act of stopping sth before it happens

prior to  prep


to proceed  v

to continue an activity or move ahead

productivity application  n

a software program that lets users get things done - in a cool, simple, quick and efficient way (the term sounds more respectable than the common word 'app')

profile  n

a 2D drawing, i.e. an open or closed shape including arcs and lines created by the profile command in the Sketcher workbench

profit margin  n

the ratio of gross profits divided by net sales; syn: gross margin

prohibitively expensive  

costing too much money for sb to afford

to proliferate  v

to (cause to) grow or increase rapidly

prolific  adj

intellectually productive, fertile

promotional  adj

for publicity or advertising purposes

proprietary  adj

1. privately owned and controlled. A proprietary design or technique is one that is owned by a company under a trademark or patent. It also implies that the company has not divulged specifications that would allow other companies to duplicate the product.
2. privately owned and controlled, not public

protocol  n

rules governing transmitting and receiving of data

provider  n

vendor, producer, supplier

provision  n

a contracted condition

proxy  n

a computer system that breaks the connection between sender and receiver, closing a straight path between the internal LAN and the Internet, which functions as a relay between client and server

proxy server  n

a server that acts as an intermediary between a workstation user and the Internet so that the enterprise can ensure security, administrative control, and caching service

public  adj

affecting all of the following until cancelled

public class Shapes extends Applet  

This line, or header, defines a class called Shapes which inherits functionality from the base class Applet. Applet is a predefined class in Java and basically creates a Java Applet (rather than a Java application).

public void paint(Graphics g)  

This line defines a function (or method) called paint. Paint is a function which is defined in the base class Applet and hence is overwritten in the class Shapes. Paint takes one parameter of type Graphics. In this example, the associated variable is called g.Paint and is automatically called when the applet is executed. Thus the code in this method is executed on starting the applet.

pursuant (with)  prep

in conformance to or agreement with

to pursue   v

to advance; to aid the growth or progress of sth