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Word Description

maddening  adj


magenta  n

a dark purple-red; syn: fuchsia

mainframe  n

large and powerful industrial computer

to maintain  v

to preserve

to make sb aware of sth  v

to inform sb of sth

malicious  adj

evil, mean

mannequin/ manikin  n

a standard dummy of a human body used to test safety or comfort of tools

marvel  n

sth that causes feelings of wonder

to matter  v

to be important or have an important effect on sb/sth

MB  n

megabyte(s), coll. 'meg'; a unit of information equal to one million (2^20 = 1,048,576) bytes; syn: Mbyte, M-byte

mean  n

the average value of a set of numbers

merit  n

quality, fact, action, etc. that deserves praise or reward

(surface) meshing  n

a method of representing an object by a surface mesh of node points connected by triangles or quadrilaterals for the purpose of testing the stress or temperature behaviour of the object, which is applied in CAD and finite element analysis

MHz  n

megahertz, a million cycles/periods per second; cf. GHz

midi  n

Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a standard protocol for the interchange of sound information between musical instruments, synthesizers and computers

mileage  n

distance measured in miles, that can be driven for a certain quantity of fuel

to mimic  v

to imitate, to copy

mirror  n

a feature created by duplicating an initial feature, defined by symmetry

mission-critical  adj

crucial or significant for an important job

modelling (BE) / modeling (AE)  n

the act of designing sth or producing a model

at most  adv

at maximum, at best

to mould (BE) / mold (AE)  v

to pour a fluid substance in a mould to create or form a solid body

mould (BE) / mold (AE)  n

a hollow form or matrix for shaping a fluid or plastic substance


Moving Pictures Experts Group, a family of standards for compressing video, pronounced 'em-peg

MSP  n

managed service provider

multiple  adj


multiplexing  n

transmitting multiple signals over a single communications line

to multiply  v

to combine by multiplication; 'multiply 9 by 8'; opposite: to divide

mutual  adj

common to or shared by two or more parties