e-Xplore Words
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Word Description

I/O  n


IaaS  n


ID  n


to ignite  v

to push, to stir up; to inflame, to light

imaginary  adj

not real; geometric shapes that may be calculated but do not really exist

to imagine  v

to invent, to develop, to devise, to conceive

immediately  adv

next to, as close as possible

to impinge  v

to penetrate, to overlap, to advance beyond the usual limit

to implement  v

1. to put into use
2. to realize

implicitly  adv

not explicitly; without expressing sth clearly

to imply  v

to express or state indirectly

in compliance with standards  

adhering to standards; observing standards

in lieu (law)  n

instead, in place of

to incline  v

to deviate from the horizontal or vertical; to slant

to increase  v

to enlarge, to add to

increment  n

an act or process of increasing; growth in bulk, quantity, number, value, or amount; enlargement

to incur  v

to make oneself subject to sth; to become liable to sth; to bring upon oneself

indicator  n

a device for showing the operating condition of some system

inevitably  adj

necessarily; in such a manner as could not be otherwise

infographic  n

a kind of data visualisation that presents complex information quickly and clearly in order to reveal patterns or trends

infringement  n

violation; an act that disregards an agreement or a right

insanely  adv

extremely; crazily

to inscribe  v

to draw within a figure so as to meet yet not cut the boundaries

insensitive  adj

not paying attention to sth/sb

instant  adj

prompt; immediate; on-the-spot; occurring with no delay

instantaneous  adj

immediate, direct, undelayed, live

instruction  n

a line of code written as part of a computer program, which prompts an operation

instrument panel  n

dashboard or control panel containing gauges, indicators, switches and dials for controlling other devices

int  n

short for integer, any of the natural numbers (positive or negative) or zero; syn: whole number

intent  n

purpose, intention, aim

interface  n

link, connection

to interfere  v

to come in collision; to clash

interference  n


intermittent  adj

stopping and starting at (ir)regular intervals

Internet Protocol  n

the method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the Internet

interoperability  n

the ability of systems to provide services to and accept services from other systems and to use the services so exchanged to enable them to operate effectively together

intranet  n

a private network that is contained within an organisation

intricate  adj

difficult to understand

intrusion  n

invasion, burglary

intuitively  adv

by intuition, without the use of rational processes, instinctively

inventory  n

(a detailed list of) the amount or value of a company's current assets that consist of raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods in stock

issue  n

problem, topic

to issue  v

to release, to publish, to bring out

issue  n

an important question that must be settled; topic, subject, matter

iteration  v

repetition, often to approximate or to achieve a certain result

and its ilk  

and the like