e-Xplore Words
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Word Description

to handle  v

to deal with, to work on, to cope with

hands-on  adj


to head to sth  v

to turn to sth; to start with sth

header  n

1. a line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about
2. a temporary set of data in a communications message that is added to the beginning of the text in order to transfer it over a network; it contains source and destination addresses as well as data that describe the content of the message

height  n

the vertical dimension of extension

herein (law)  adv

in this document or place or thing

hereunder  adv

under the terms of this agreement

to hesitate  v

to be reluctant to do sth, to feel unsure whether one should do sth or not, to try to avoid sth

hilarious  adj

very funny

to hit  v

to press or strike (e.g. a key on a keyboard or an icon on the screen)

honest  adj


host  n

1. a computer that acts as a source of information or signals
2. a vast multitude; a great many

host (machine)  n

a computer that provides a service on a network

hosted/hosting  adj

related to the business of housing, serving, and maintaining data, files or applications for remote use by customers and their clients or users

hosting  n

short for Web site hosting (also Web hosting or Webhosting)

hot on the heels of  

immediately following


HyperText Markup Language, the document format used on the Web

huge  adj

big, large

humongous  adj

very large

hype  n

a thing, idea or person that is characterised by exaggerated publicity or sales promotion

hypocritical  adj

professing feelings or virtues one does not have