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Word Description

gain  n

profit; increase

to gain market share  

to improve the number of products or services sold in (part of) a market

gateway  n

a network point that acts as an entrance to another network

to gather  v

to collect in one place

gauge  n

a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity

GB  n

gigabyte(s), coll: 'gig' or 'giga'; a unit of information equal to about one billion (2^30 = 1,073,741,824) bytes or 1024 megabytes; syn: Gbyte, G-byte. (Upper case 'B' for byte and lower case 'b' for bit are not always followed and often misprinted. Thus, Gb may also refer to gigabyte.)

generative  adj

1. having the ability to create or originate a new product; productive
2. productive, prolific; having the power of generating, propagating, originating or producing

generic  adj

applicable to an entire class or group

to get in on the act  v

to benefit from sth; to take advantage of sth; to make a fast buck

to get pissed off (vulgar)  v

to get angry

GHz  n

gigahertz, a billion of cycles/periods per second, a unit of frequency used to measure the clock rate of modern digital logic, including microprocessors

to giggle  v

to laugh in a light, affected, or silly manner

gingerly  adv

bravely but carefully

to give back in an embarrassment of riches  v

to recompense with undeserved, awkward wealth

glitch  n

problem, anomaly, malfunction

GMD  n

generative mechanical design

goat  n

an animal which is related to sheep, which usually has horns, and which lives wild on mountains or is kept on farms to provide milk, meat, and wool

gorgeous  adj

beautiful, attractive, pleasant, giving pleasure

to govern  v

to regulate by means of authority

to grab so  v

to capture the attention or imagination of so; to catch so's eye

grade point average  n

a method of computing a numerical value for letter grades received in school by assigning each a numeric value and averaging the numbers (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, E(/F)=0)

to grant  v

to let sb have sth

to grant permission  v

to licence; to allow

grassroots  adj

fundamental; of or involving the people as constituting a fundamental group

greenfield  adj

(related to) businesses, projects and applications that can be realised from scratch without having to consider restrictions and constraints imposed by previously established ones

gross labour costs (BE)/ gross labor costs (AE)  n

labour costs before any deductions; opposite: net labour costs

grunt  n

unskilled worker

guideline  n

a rule or principle that sets the standards for appropriate behaviour