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Word Description

face  n

a surface forming part of the outside of an object

to facilitate  v

to make easier, promote, encourage or stimulate

facility  n

a service that is offered to you, characterised by ease of use

fan  n

a device for creating a current of air by movement of a surface or surfaces

feature  n

1. an intended property or behaviour (as of a program)
2. a component of a part, e.g. a draught, a fillet, a pocket, a shaft etc.

to federate  v

to bring together, merge or consolidate two or more sources of information

fertile  adj

rich and growing

figure  n

number denoting a feature or quality

filled  adj


to fillet  v

to round off, or smooth, edges

fillet  n

a curved surface of a constant or variable radius that is tangent to, and that joins two surfaces. (Together, these three surfaces form either an inside corner or an outside corner.)

to find  v

to discover sb/sth/yourself doing sth or in a particular situation, especially when this is unexpected

to find oneself drawn to sth/so  v

to feel attracted by sth/so

to fish for sth  v

to try patiently to get sth you need, despite an apparent lack of progress

to fix  v

to put in order; to repair

flaw  n

security problem, defect, fault

flint  n

a hard, siliceous kind of stone that may be used to strike fire

to focus  v

to direct one's attention on something

font (law)  n

document, written submissions

foray  n

an initial attempt (esp outside so's usual areas of competence)

foregoing  adj

going before, especially of writing or speech

to foresee  v

to anticipate, to envision

formula  n

a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems; pl: formulas or formulae

fortunately  adv


to foster  v

to help develop or grow; to promote the growth of sth

framework  n

an (underlying) structure supporting or containing sth

front-end  adj

related to a software or hardware interface designed to enable user-friendly interaction with a system

to fudge  v

to take the easy option, to avoid making a difficult decision

fuel  n

a substance that can be consumed to produce energy

fully occupied  adj

in full-time employment

to be funny in the head  

to be a little crazy, not rational