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Word Description

EA  n

Electronic Arts Inc.

each alternate  

every second

to earn  v

to gain, to get

to ease  v

to facilitate, to make easier

to eclipse  v

to throw into the shade by surpassing, to overshadow

ECU  n

engine control unit

edge  n

a sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object

edgy  adj

exciting, having one's nerves on edge (getting nervous about what might happen)

to edit  v

1. to revise and prepare for publication by means of correcting, adapting, selecting, and eliminating
2. to revise and prepare sth by means of correcting, adapting, selecting, and eliminating

to be effective  v

to be in force, or valid

effectiveness  n

capability of producing the result that was wanted/intended

electrical harness  n

a bundle of cables serving as the electrical/communications backbone of a system

to eliminate  v

1. to get rid of
2. to get rid of or remove sth

to emphasize  v

to stress, to point out, to focus on

to employ  v

to use

employee  n

a worker who is hired to perform a job, a wage worker; opposite: employer

to empower  v

to enable or permit

empty  adj

holding or containing nothing; blank

to enable  v

to allow, to switch on, to authorise

to encode  v

to convert data into a given format

to encompass  v

1. to include, to cover
2. to include

to encounter  v

to meet, to come across

to encourage  v

to contribute to the progress or growth of sth

the other end of the spectrum  n

the other extreme

to endeavour  v

to try, to attempt

endeavour (BE) / endeavor (AE)  n

effort, enterprise, attempt

engrossing  adj

exciting, absorbing, spellbinding

to enhance  v

to improve

enhancement  n



Enterprise InNOvation VIA, a PLM application for decision support and lifecycle management

entire  adj


entity  n

corporate body; legal person

epitome  n

a standard or typical example

equal(s) sign '='  n

In spreadsheet formulas, the equal sign has a special meaning. It doesn't mean 'is equal to' or 'equals' or 'makes', but it indicates that the following expression is a formula and not text.

equation  n

an expression of the condition of equality between two algebraic quantities or sets of quantities, the sign = being placed between them; as a binomial equation, a quadratic equation, an algebraic equation, an exponential equation, a logarithmic equation, a differential equation, etc.

equivalent  n

a thing or person equal to another in measure or value or force or effect or significance etc

ergonomic  adj

of or relating to ergonomics

ergonomics  n

the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

erratic  adj

likely to perform unpredictably

to estimate sth  v

to form an idea of the cost, size, value etc. of sth, but without calculating it exactly


end user licencing/licence agreement

eventually  adv

finally, ultimately

evolutionary  adj

developing step by step, not revolutionary

to execute  v

to perform, to carry out, to complete, to run, to do

exhaust  n

gases ejected from an engine as waste products

expedient  adj

appropriate to a purpose; practical

expertise  n

expert knowledge

exploit  n

an attack on a computer by using a security flaw in the installed software as a backdoor for unauthorised access

to expose  v

to make accessible

expression  n

any piece of program code which, when (if) its execution terminates, returns a value, e.g. in an assignment statement (cf. above), the part at the right of the equals sign is an expression

expressly (law)  adv


to extend  v

to make sth available and apply it

extension  n

the capacity of a concept or general term to include a greater or smaller number of objects

extensive  adj

complex and comprehensive

extent  n

degree; measure; proportion

to extract  v

to obtain, determine of calculate sth (eg information) from a source

extranet  n

a Web site for customers rather than the general public

to extrapolate  v

to estimate sth or form an opinion about sth, using the facts that you have now and that are valid for one situation and supposing they will be valid for the new one

to extrude  v

to shape a body from a plane surface

extrusion  n

the act or process of shaping a body from a surface