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Word Description

database  n

an organised set of data that is stored in a computer and can be looked at and used in various ways

DBA  n

database administrator

dearth  n

drought; intellectually poor situation

decision  n

a position reached after consideration of circumstances, e.g. the evaluation of a condition as being true or false

decision support system  n

a software tool used to aid management decision-making

to declare  v

to announce explicitly, to state formally

to decompile  v

to convert machine language back into a high-level source language

to dedicate  v

to appoint, to contract so

dedicated  adj

1. set apart for, or devoted to a specific purpose
2. to be bound to or assigned to a specific purpose or system
3. designed to fulfil one function; assigned or allocated to a certain task or function

default  n

1. an option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified
2. a regular setting that is automatically used by a computer program in the absence of a choice made by the user

to delete  v

to remove, to erase, to eliminate, to wipe out magnetically recorded information

deliberately  adv

intentionally, on purpose, by choice, by design

DELMIA Human  n

modelling software which offers digital human manikins to simulate and validate work environments and production processes


Digital Enterprise Lean Manufacturing Interactive Application

denial-of-service attack  n

an assault on a network that floods it with so many requests that regular traffic is either slowed or completely interrupted

to deny  v

to reject, to refuse

to deploy  v

to use

deployment  n


derivation  n

process and result of developing a new material or mental product from a given (original) source product

deservedly  adv

justifiably; because of the way so has behaved or the qualities so has

despite  prep

although, regardless of

to determine  v

to decide

determined  adj

having a strong desire to do sth, resolved


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

diagnosis  n

process and result of identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon; pl: diagnoses

to differentiate  v

to make sth different or show a difference, to discriminate

to dig  v

to look for

dirty  adj


to disable  v

to reject, to switch off, to prohibit

to disassemble  v

to convert machine language back into assembly language

discernable  adj

understandable, visible, identifiable

disclaimer of warranties (law)  n

a (voluntary) statement expressing approval or agreement not to demand a warranty or right that one could be entitled to

discrepancy  n

disagreement, inconsistency, difference

distinct  adj

1. recognisable; especially clearly outlined; constituting a separate entity or part
2. readily distinguishable, unquestionalble, notable

distribution  n

physical movement of goods from supplier to customer

DMU  n

digital mock-up, ie the simulation in 3D of a product, including all its components, all its functions, and the interaction between the components

dogfight  n

a fight between two military aircraft in which they fly very fast and very close to each other

dollar sign '$'  n

the symbol used to indicate absolute addressing in spreadsheet formulas, i.e. the cell and/or row reference in a formula that is preceded by this sign remains the same after copying the formula to another cell; read: 'dollar (sign)'

domain name  n

locates an organisation on the Internet; consists of a particular host server named 'www', a second-level domain name, e.g. firewalls, and a top-level domain name, e.g. .com, denoting the purpose of the organisation, in this case, 'commercial'

down  adv

vertically, in a vertical line

downstream  adj

following in later production stages

dozens  n

a large number or amount; syn: lots; sg: a dozen, from: French 'douze' (twelve)

to drag  v

to use a computer mouse to move icons on the screen and select commands from a menu

dramatically  adv

very much

to draught (BE) /draft (AE)  v

to pull or draw a face of moulded parts to facilitate their removal from moulds OR: to draw up an outline or sketch of something

draught (BE) /draft (AE)  n

mould/mold release slope

to draught (BE) / to draft (AE)  v

to draw up an outline or sketch of something

draught (BE) / draft angle (AE)  n

a feature provided with a face, with an angle to incline the face, and a pulling direction

to draw  v

to make a mark or lines on a surface

to draw on sth/so  v

to utilise services of so, to enlist the assistance of so

to dress up  v

to make something appear superficially attractive

to drive  v

to cause to function by supplying the force or power for or by controlling

to drop  v

to fall

to dump  v

to throw away; to get rid of; to sell at artificially low prices

dungeon  n

dark, underground prison in a medieval castle

to duplicate  v

to make a copy

dwarf  n

a creature who is much smaller than the usual size, esp one having magical powers

dxf / DXF  n

a CAD file extension, which stands for data exchange format or drawing interchange format