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Word Description

to back out  v

to decide not to do sth that you intended to do previously

backache  n

an ache localised between shoulders and bottom

to backtrack  v

to turn back; to go back to a previous stage

to backup  v

to produce duplicate copies of data on different storage media for emergency purposes

to balance sth against sth else  v

to compare the value of one plan, argument, etc. with that of another

to be not the only game in town anymore  

a phrase used to indicate that a previously important person, organization, thing or concept has lost its dominating position

to beget (begat, begotten)  v

to be the cause of sth; to give existence to so/sth (as father)

behemoth  n


benchmark  n

sth which can be measured and used as a standard that other things can be compared with

beneficiary  n

someone who gets an advantage out of something

binder  n

folder or file made of cardboard or plastic

binding  adj

executed with proper legal authority; "a binding contract"

blank  n

clean and empty, not written or printed on, containing nothing

blanket  adj

flat, global, across-the-board

blueprint  n

technical drawing; in a wider sense something intended as a guide for making sth else

bold  adj

a font style with thick heavy lines

bookkeeping  n

the activity of recording (business) transactions

border  n

a line that indicates a boundary or frame

to be bound (law)  v

to be obliged to follow a rule or to fulfil an obligation

branch office  n


to brand  v

to label as a unique product

brave  adj

courageous, fearless

brave new world  

title of a novel by Aldous Huxley, which is famous of its depressingly explicit description of the dangerous symptoms of a totalitarian society, often compared with George Orwell's "1984"

to bridge  v

to close a gap

buffer  n

a kind of temporary storage

bumper (BE) / fender (AE)  n

a mechanical device consisting of bars at either end of a vehicle to absorb shock and prevent serious damage

bundle  n


bus  n

a common pathway, or channel, between multiple devices (a 16-bit bus transfers two bytes at a time over 16 wires; a 32-bit bus uses 32 wires, etc.)

business intelligence  n

computer-based techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analysing business data and their correlations

to bypass  v

to avoid sth