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Word Description

to abandon  v

to give up, to quit

abundance  n

overflow, the property of a more than adequate quantity or supply

abundant  adj

available in great quantity

to accelerate  v

1. to cause to happen sth sooner than expected or more quickly
2. to increase speed
3. (to cause) to move faster; to quicken

access rights  n

privileges that are granted to a user, or a program, to read, write, and erase files in the computer system

accessory  n

supplementary component

accompanying  adj

additional, complementary, associated

accustomed to  adj

familiar with


A Company that Makes Everything :-), i.e. an imaginary business; derived from the Greek word 'acme' meaning 'highest point or perfection of achievement'

actionable  adj

having good grounds for legal action

AD&D  n

advanced dungeons & dragons

to adapt  v

to adjust, to fit, to match; to make sth more flexible

adaptation  n

adjustment, alignment, modulation

addictive  adj

causing or characterized by dependency on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming

addressing  n

the act of accessing or locating by address

adherence  n

sticking to (rules), obeying (rules)

to adjust  v

to alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard

to adopt  v

1. to choose and follow
2. to choose, take up, and practise

adoption  n

the introduction of a new method or system for use in regular operations

adversary  n

antagonist, opponent

affiliate  n

a subordinate or subsidiary associate or organisation that works as a junior partner of another organisation

affordable  adj

1. reasonable, inexpensive
2. sth offered at a reasonable price

aggregation  n


agile  adj

mentally or physically active, quick and flexible; nimble

agility  n

the state or quality of being agile

agreement  n

contract; the statement (written or oral) of an exchange of promises

ain't (informal)  v

are not, is not, am not, have not, has not

AIX  n

Advanced Interactive eXecutive - IBM's Unix-based operating system

to alert  v

to warn

to alleviate  v

to make an improvement by lessening (pain, trouble, problems etc); to make sth easier to bear

along  adv

horizontally, in a horizontal line

ambitious  adj

having a strong desire for success or achievement

amendment  n

a statement that is added to a document

amp  n

ampere, the basic unit of electric current; pl: amps; syn: A

amplification  n

the act of increasing signal power, voltage or current

to annoy  v

to cause a feeling of discomfort

appealing  adj

attractive, pleasing, tempting

applet  n

a Java application; an application program that uses the client's Web browser to provide a user interface

appliance  n

unit of equipment

applicable  adj

having relevance; capable of being applied

application  n

1. a program designed to do a particular job, e.g. a word-processing, database, spreadsheet, etc. program
2. a set of files that make up software for the user
3. a program that gives a computer instructions that provide the user with tools to accomplish a specific task

to be appointed (to sth)  v

to be selected for sth, e.g. a job

approach  n

1. idea or action intended to deal with a problem
2. actions or ideas intended to deal with a situation or to solve a problem
3. a method of getting a job done; a way of dealing with a problem

appropriate  adj

suitable for a particular purpose in a particular condition

appropriateness  n

the quality of being especially suitable

to approve  v

to confirm, accept, say yes to sth

array  n

a group or collection of things (or people), often one that is large or impressive

as is (law)  adv

without liability for defects or deficiencies


American Standard Code for Information Interchange

assembly  n

a group of machine parts that fit together to form a self-contained unit

to assess  v

to evaluate

assessment  n


asset  n

anything of material or immaterial value or usefulness

assignment  n

1. an instruction that attributes a quantity or a quality to sth, e.g. a value to a variable
2. short for: 'assignment statement'; the act of storing the value of an expression in a variable. This is commonly written in the form of, e.g. "y = 60;". It consists of a variable, followed by an equals sign and an expression which can be evaluated (to some value of the correct type), and is closed with a semicolon. In ALGOL, a high-level compiler language of the 60's, the assignment operator was ":=" (pronounced 'becomes') to avoid mathematicians' qualms about writing statements like "y = y + 20".

associative  adj


to assume  v

to bear, to take over, to accept responsibility

assumption  n

a statement that is considered to be true, from which a conclusion can be drawn

assurance  n

a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from sth, syn: pledge

asterisk  n

the mathematical symbol '*' used to indicate multiplication in spreadsheet formulas; read: 'multiplied by' or 'times'

attitude  n

way of behaving or thinking

audit  n

official examination of accounts or settings to see that they are in order

authentication  n

1. identity check(ing)
2. the process of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it is declared to be, usually done through the use of logon passwords


a formatting feature of Excel that can be used to automatically adapt the width of a column to its content