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General information

The processing of data by the Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur (HTWK) Leipzig complies with the General Data Protection Regulation in force since 25 May 2018. This regulation aims to ensure that people keep or regain control of their data, which is an important concern for us as members of the HTWK Leipzig. Therefore, we repeatedly explain which personal data we need to collect to conduct our WebCourses properly, why we need them, what we do with them, and how you can object to this and arrange for us to delete your data.

WebCourses are part of the courses offered by the HTWK Leipzig. Legal bases for the collection, processing, and storage of user-related data in WebCourses, i.e. within the framework of university courses, which include the assessment, certification of achievement, mailing and archiving of course results, are the applicable state and university-specific laws, ordinances, administrative regulations, policies, statutes and documents. These include the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Data Ordinance, the university-internal and faculty-specific regulations, as well as the particular study and examination regulations of degree programmes in their most current or applicable versions.

The supervisory authorities in charge are the Saxon State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts and the Saxon Data Protection Commissioner. The responsible bodies are the HTWK Leipzig and the University's Data Protection Officer.
Processing of your data

This privacy policy applies to the WebCourses of the HTWK Leipzig and refers to the personal and other usage data collected on this website. Your data will be stored or processed in Germany and not in countries outside the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal data

When you enrol for our WebCourses under e-Xplore Technical English and e-Xplore Terms, we store your title, first name, family name, date of birth, and e-mail address. We require this information to guide you through your course, provide personal support in subject-related, organisational and technical matters, to be able to issue and send you your assessment - and, if you have passed the course, your certificate of achievement - at the end of the course.

When you enter a group code that you have received directly from a supervisor, e.g. your English teacher or us, we register your membership in a specific study group. This affiliation determines two things: firstly, which of our courses we offer you and secondly, if and if so, who may view the learning outcomes you have achieved in your course. Apart from the WebCourse administrators, this can include your English teacher, who supervises your classroom course, or another person responsible for organising the course or recognising your academic achievements, where we have been instructed to do so by the university.

Usage data

We collect various usage data during the course: date and time of the first and last WebCourse attendance, number of attempts per task, your latest answers per task and the relevant evaluations and results, our communication with you, your aggregated study results per course and, if successful, copies of your Technical English certificates. This data combined with a cookie is essential for course management, learner guidance, and support. You need it to achieve your learning goals. We need it to measure your learning progress and to assess and document your achievement.
Storage and deletion of your data

As soon as you have completed a WebCourse and obtained a certificate at level C1.1 or B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, everyone to whom you present this certificate can instantly verify it as a proof of your skills in Technical English. To check the certificate's authenticity, they enter your name and the certificate ID under "VerifyCertificate" on the given course website. This means, in order that you can prove to potential employers, that the certificate, which you earned online, is valid without carrying a seal nor a signature, we keep your aggregated records in combination with your personal data for a provisionally indefinite period.

You may object to the use and storage of your data if you are or previously were registered course members. In this case, you have two options: Either you tell us to remove only the results you have achieved in one of our courses or you instruct us to delete not only your results, but your entire user profile.

Note that your claim for deletion will remain subordinate as long as we still need your data to fulfil our statutory tasks, for example, if we are obliged to processing by legal regulation or if we have to comply with statutory obligations to store the records of study and examination results. In any case, you should be aware that deletions, as described above, will make it impossible to verify the authenticity of previously earned Technical English certificates.

For the practical implementation of your objection to the described data processing or your claim for deletion, please notify the contact person named on our website under Contact Info > About Us.

If you have not yet registered with us and do not agree to the described use of your data, we urge you not to take any of our courses.