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We are committed to providing you a safe, comfortable, and engaging learning environment. For this reason, we have established the following terms of use, which you agree to be bound by and to comply with, without limitation or qualification when you sign up for WebCourses.

General Terms of UseYou may not copy, transmit, or redistribute any of the WebCourses under the labels e-Xplore Technical English® and e-Xplore Terms®, or any part of them, or use the content or software separately from the applications offered at webcourses.htwk-leipzig.de; nor may you allow unregistered individuals or organisations to access or use WebCourses. Furthermore, you must not share or publish individual learner feedbacks or hints on solutions in any media, including public or closed groups of social networks, news forums or (cloud) storage services.

We reserve the right to terminate your account if you have provided us with false registration information, if you have obtained unauthorised access, or if you violate the terms of use or the generally accepted code of conduct in communications networks.

Any interested party may sign up and become a WebCourse member without any cost or further obligation. WebCourse members may study any one of the activated terminology trainers to e-Xplore Terms and they may use selected information and services to e-Xplore Technical English, all without any cost or further obligation. Studying a WebCourse under the label e-Xplore Technical English®, however, includes individual tutoring and is, therefore, bound to membership in a group. Group codes may be obtained from the responsible department or authority at many universities. WebCourse members, who want to join certain groups on a voluntary basis, can be charged course fees, especially in cases when the chosen WebCourses are not compulsory parts of their applicable study and examination regulations. All WebCourse members who successfully complete a WebCourse will be awarded an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) certificate in accordance with the internationally recognised Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Our ObligationsIndividuals who are eligible for WebCourse membership are entitled to make personal use of all terminology trainers and all free contents offered to e-Xplore Technical English.

All personal data will be handled with the strictest confidentiality. Aside from your English teacher or the examination office of your university, if applicable, no third party will have access to your personal data. Please refer to our privacy statement for more detailed information.

Your ObligationsWebCourse members agree to use the courses or parts of them exclusively for purposes of personal studies, further qualification and information. You are supposed to study your WebCourse on your own, i.e. without assistance from third parties, their resources or utilities. Individual learner feedbacks and hints on solutions, which you receive in response to your completions of certain parts of your course, must not be shared in public or closed groups of social networks, news forums or (cloud) storage services -- neither during nor at any time after your group membership. In cases of non-compliance or fraud, previously obtained certificates may become invalid.

Your AccountAccess to WebCourses is free and without any obligation. Just sign up, become a WebCourse member, and study the terminology trainers of your choice -- e-Xplore Terms immediately. Furthermore, you can use selected services and information to e-Xplore Technical English. Note, however, that you will additionally have to join a group if you want to study a WebCourse under e-Xplore Technical English or if, according to your university degree programme, you need to earn credits for having passed a WebCourse under e-Xplore Terms.

If you are required to e-Xplore Technical English or to e-Xplore Terms as a compulsory component of your English course at university, you will receive your group code directly from your English teacher or from the department which administrates your studies. If you would like to take a WebCourse to supplement an English course at your university, please ask your English teacher to contact us to make arrangements with our user administration, or contact us directly.

Email for YouWe want you to learn as much as possible and pass your course successfully. To this end, we offer you a wide range of tutorial support, part of which is via email. As a WebCourse member, you agree to our sending you an email whenever we feel this would be a valuable support to your individual learning path and your progress in the course.

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