e-Xplore Words

Course Design

Blended Course ConceptTraditional lessons plus eLearning makes blended courses. As with all serious courses of foreign language education offered in the framework of the electronic media, e-Xplore Technical English follows the blended course concept. In other words, e-Xplore Technical English was designed as a complementary component of traditional English courses, since learning a foreign language exclusively by means of a computer is inconceivable. Human interactive communication is indispensable for learning a foreign language. It is a good idea, therefore, to study your WebCourse in parallel with a conventional English course. Accordingly, any language issues or problems can be discussed with non-virtual communication partners - your English teacher and your fellow students.

e-Xplore Technical English offers your course leader the opportunity to organise the lessons communicatively, i.e. to tailor the lessons for language proficiency in free-style speaking and writing. Attainment and training of the receptive language skills reading and listening comprehension, guided writing as well as the areas of phonetics, vocabulary, terminology and grammar are realised through self-study on the basis of the WebCourse.

Time FrameworkDue to the blended course concept, e-Xplore Technical English is exclusively offered on a semester basis. The time framework for studying one of the courses is oriented to one academic semester.

The processing time for each individual is considered to be "2 SWS plus self-study", or 3 to 4 hours weekly. Successful learners report workloads of 45 to 60 hours.