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Target GroupThe label e-Xplore Technical English® stands for WebCourses for students of engineering and science who want to brush up their knowledge of English for technical and professional purposes. The course material is, therefore, based on selected introductory topics from the fields of information and communications technology, which our students and graduates regularly come across in their degree courses as well as in their professional or everyday life. These topics, combined with modules that offer interactive practice of subject-specific English terminology, make it possible for you to choose from three different WebCourses: Technical English for Computer Scientists, for Electrical Engineers, for Mechanical Engineers and related professions.

Language RequirementsIn order to work successfully with one of these WebCourses, you need to already possess above average basic skills in English. The entry-level language skills requirements lie at intermediate level just above level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Course AimsThe training objective of these WebCourses as part of a traditional, subject-related English courses is to reach an upper-intermediate level of English competence equivalent to level C1.1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in subject areas like computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and related fields.

e-Xplore Technical English facilitates both attainment and strengthening of receptive and reproductive language skills like reading and listening comprehension, guided writing and guided speaking. Accompanying work with vocabulary and terminology is included. Grammar skills are reviewed and practised.

e-Xplore Technical English does not coach your productive language skills free speaking and free writing. You can develop your proficiency in these skills much better in English courses of a traditional nature than with computer programs or WebCourses.